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The ECC Bookstore is owned and operated by Elgin Community College for the benefit of our campus. Proceeds from purchases made at the bookstore support Elgin Community College and its students. Thank you for your support in choosing to shop at the ECC Bookstore.


Are You Using An All Inclusive Course Fee?

Introducing a groundbreaking initiative that delivers required course materials to students as part of their tuition and fees.  By ensuring student access to all required course materials, All Inclusive drives engagement and academic success.  And students can experience enhanced affordability, as well!

All Inclusive Classes at ECC:

ACC 100, $99.00 course materials fee

ACC 200, $105.00 course materials fee

ACC 240, $99.00 course materials fee

BUS 101, $85.00 course materials fee

BUS 120, $68.00 course materials fee

BUS 142, $85.00 course materials fee

If you are enrolled in one of the courses above, your digital book will be available via D2L.  Don't worry if digital is not the answer for you, you can purchase an optional print copy of your digital textbook.  Note:  The Bookstore only keeps 2-3 copies of each book above.  You may have to special order it. 

To request an opt out of this program email Kelly Strossner at